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Best iPad for Procreate in 2023

The demand and interest for digital art has been steadily rising over the past decade, especially since drawing applications like Procreate have made it easier than before to start learning. Procreate is fun, powerful, intuitive, robust and it provides excellent opportunities for creators of all kinds!

In addition to the fact that Procreate is a fantastic app for creating magical worlds, the iPad itself is a convenient tablet, and the powers it has may support your artistic practice in many ways. If you’re looking for the best iPad for Procreate, these are the ones to get. Procreate is a digital graphics editor that’s been specially designed for iPads, so these two work perfectly. 

Let’s have a look at some of the popular models Procreate artists use so you can find which iPad for Procreate is the best.

How to Choose the Best Tablet for Procreate?

First of all, choosing an Apple iPad for Procreate is a very individual issue so you need to carefully consider your own goals and desires. No tablet will cover all your needs, so it is advisable to prioritize your own standards and make a list of models that are best in your opinion. Also, fancy, expensive tech does not necessarily make you a better artist. You can create amazing art no matter what iPad fits into your budget. 

If your needs are limited to this single app, you don’t need to invest in iPads with a lot of storage. However, it’s still something you have to carefully think about when making your choice. While you can just copy your files to a different device when needed, it’s still easy to run out of memory for applications and downloads – especially if you’re using a Windows PC or laptop. Constantly having to copy your files is also a time-consuming process, particularly if you’re copying them from an iPad!

The Different Possibilities Offered by iPads

Also, reading reviews and technical descriptions of iPads and their capabilities will save you a lot of time and you will be free from the risk of choosing the wrong tablet and spending money on the iPad that doesn’t have all the necessary components for your creative practice. This approach is way more reliable than choosing the latest model. Artistic practice requires quality supplies, and our selection of Procreate brushes can be very helpful!

The iPad is one of the most versatile and compact devices available today, offering endless opportunities all in one small, portable package. Use this opportunity to feel the power technology has for transforming digital art, and make digital painting and drawing as easy and fun as never before. Fee the complete freedom of effortless creative practice.

Our Selection of Best iPads for Procreate You Can Buy in 2023

Drawing on Procreate is easy with the right tablet. In this iPad buying guide, we’ll walk you through what to consider and rank the iPads from best to worst, so you can decide what’s your best match. Don’t be afraid to ignore the common recommendations and ads and choose the iPad model that will best meet your individual needs. 

Apple does not make budget devices, but if you are willing to settle for older models, you can pick up some great Apple products for less than the most recent versions. The fact that Apple’s product lasts a good few years before showing its age means you shouldn’t fear going for an older model, either. 

Apple iPad 10th Gen

The Apple iPad 10th Gen, 2022 is the latest tablet in Apple’s line-up. It comes with a 10.9-inch screen and USB-C port, which makes it excellent for running Procreate. The camera has also been improved for video calls, which is handy if you want to chat with customers (or friends and family) remotely. Besides that, this version is quite new and corresponds to the progress of technology.

IPad Pro 12.9-inch M2

The iPad Pro 12.9-inch M2, 2022 is one of the most suitable options for using Procreate if you’re looking for performance, and an incredible digital canvas that’s comfortable to use. However, this means that overall it’s a large device compared to other iPads and tablets, so portability may be a concern.

iPad Air, released in 2022

Also, the 5th generation iPad Air, released in 2022, is the best thin and light iPad for Procreate. Apple has given this new model a big specs bump, and it now comes with the mighty M1 processor. The 1640 x 2360 Liquid Retina IPS LCD screen makes anything you make in Procreate look fantastic, but it’s real selling point is its portability: weighing just 462g, with dimensions of 247.6×178.5×6.1mm, this is an iPad that you can take pretty much anywhere with you – allowing you to fire up Procreate no matter where you are.

iPad mini

The iPad mini is a smaller and more portable version of the iPad. The mini measures 8.3 inches diagonally, and it’s easy to hold with one hand. This model comes in four colors, including space gray and silver. It also has storage options ranging from 64 GB to 256 GB, but it works best with the 2nd generation Apple Pencil.

If you’ve noticed, usually, the bigger the iPad is, the more expensive it gets. So one of the significant factors when choosing a tablet will be the budget you have. There are numerous iPad models available, so be sure that the option you found is worth the investment!

Final Thoughts

If you are an artist, there is much to be gained from using an iPad as a drawing tool. And the application can offer you much more as it is widely used not just by artists, but also by animators, designers, comic artists and other professionals. Whether you’re a novice or expert, the right iPad can make your drawing easier and faster – and that much better.

Also, the important fact to consider is that you don’t need to buy the latest, fanciest iPad to make stunning digital art in Procreate. Whether you’re buying new or used, there are plenty of powerful iPads out there for every budget. And it’s partly due to Procreate keeping its app compatible with as many iPad models as possible. And partly because Apple creates top-notch devices that can last a surprisingly long time.

When choosing an iPad, it is recommended to compare different models, have a look at the features that are important to you, and also to estimate their potential for art projects. iPads are generally intuitive and versatile, so each version will be usable by Procreate and support non-trivial, complex projects, but it is still just a tablet. As a true artist or designer, you know as well as anyone that’s your priority.

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