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Guide of Procreate Lettering

Not only do designers need lettering in their work – it is a versatile technique for everyone. If you’ve always wanted to create beautiful and elegant lettering in Procreate using simple steps and in no time, we know how to help you. Lettering is a simple and beautiful technique and should not turn your creative practice into hours and weeks of hard and meticulous work. So use our tutorial for better artistic practice.

Creating beautiful letters and embedding them into your projects to achieve a more creative, more expressive effect may seem challenging – but we will guide you through all the ways lettering in Procreate can be easily improved and used in different ways. Here are our Procreate lettering guides for easier and more enjoyable practice. Just follow them for lettering like a pro!

How to Improve Your Lettering Style for More Expressive and Sophisticated Designs?

Here is a simple tutorial on Procreate lettering that will help you in the process of lettering. So one of the easiest ways to get started is with thumbnail sketch and composition. Create a simple thumbnail sketch to help you visualize the design you want to achieve. For easy lettering on Procreate, the most important thing is to have a sketch that will visualize your idea for further efforts.

Then try to make a more interesting composition with the words or letters you have chosen for your work. The composition will complete your lettering and turn it into an illustration, not just a bunch of letters. Experiment, try different techniques, play with letters, and remember – the boundaries are only in your imagination.

Pick the brushes you like and use the selection tool to select the exact composition you want. You can also use the transform tool to resize your composition as well as center it.

Finally, finish off by creating a new layer for the final result and using larger brushes to complete it. Here you can also experiment and change colors and shapes, the main thing is that you like how your illustration looks in the final version.

Benefits of Procreate Lettering

From the initial concept to the final result, you can use a huge number of variations of the tools that Procreate has to offer. From shadows to different brushes, small and large, a huge number of options are at your fingertips. Change colors and add shading to make your lettering look even more realistic or even more vibrant.

Lettering in Procreate is great because it allows artists almost complete freedom. You are almost as uninhibited in your creativity as if you were drawing on a sheet of paper with a pencil or a brush. For commercial projects, it’s even more beneficial, because you don’t have to go deep into tricks or learn complicated theoretic materials. Take advantage of the versatility of Procreate’s functionality.

Final Thoughts

Procreate gives you a unique opportunity to make your drawing easier. Now all artists need is a concept in their imagination and an iPad that will turn any idea into reality, and do it in the most powerful, efficient, and expressive way.

You literally have numerous tools in your hands, which can make your drawing not only easier but also more enjoyable. With inspiration, all you need to do is turn on Procreate and follow simple steps to success. We know the needs of artists. 

Therefore, we have prepared a guide that will help you figure out how you can duplicate in Procreate using simple steps and actions. And for more effective practice, use technically advanced tools. Our collection of Procreate brushes will allow you to make your artwork unforgettable and excel.

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