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Guide to Procreate Animation

For artists and designers, Procreate is one of the most powerful art programs available. It offers thousands of brushes and color combinations, as well as a vast array of tools. 

One feature that makes it stand out among many other apps is its animation capabilities: you can easily create short animations using Procreate and export them in multiple formats. 

This app is useful for animating larger projects in sections, or just creating a simple animated GIF. Procreate is a great app for animating your work because it gives you more control over your art.

Let’s have a look at how to animate in Procreate quickly and easily.

How to Animate in Procreate in Simple Steps

The app has the basic features you need to create animations you’ll love. As a bonus, Procreate Animation Assist offers tools for editing and managing both individual frames and the animation as a whole. Share your moving art in a variety of formats.

Also, for consistent and rewarding artistic processes, a set of brushes is a must-have. Check out our selection of Procreate brushes to create with passion!

  1. To begin with, tap on the wrench icon in the top left corner to open the Actions menu. 
  1. Then tap on Canvas and turn on Animation Assist. The Animation Assist interface will appear at the bottom of your screen. There are several parts of this interface that are worth exploring: Settings: The Settings button allows you to change various animation and frame options, such as whether your animation loops or plays in one shot, how many frames per second it should run at, and whether or not to use onion skin. 
  1. Onion skin lets you see all the other frames you’ve drawn on top of each other. It can be helpful for making sure that your animation is smooth. It can also assist you in keeping your animation consistent.
  1. Finally, you can clean up your artwork and add colors. This step allows you to transform your animation drafts into a finished project! To do this, group the layers with sketches and line art, color the work and finally add the touches that you, personally, consider necessary. Then, export your work and add sound if needed. Your animation is ready!

Private Layer

Sometimes, you may want to add a layer that doesn’t appear in your timelapse playback. The private layer tool can solve this problem. Click on the wrench icon and then swipe right-to-left on the Insert Photo, File or Take Photo options to bring up the Private Layer option in the Layers palette. The layer will be labeled “private”.

Why Do You Need to Learn to Animate in Procreate?

Procreate is a great app for creating simple animations on the go. It may not have all of the features needed for professional animations, but it gets the job done!

Drawing cartoons and animations is fun, exciting, and easy to do in Procreate. The app has a versatile set of functions that will add comfort to your process of animation. You can create a GIF of your favorite animal or action hero by drawing every frame one at a time. 

Though Procreate doesn’t have many animation features built into the app, its Animation Assist feature makes animating and making GIFs in Procreate fun. Adding animation to your drawings can make them more interesting, which will keep your viewers looking at your art for longer.

Additional Tips You Need to Know

There are some additional tips and tricks that can be of service when you need to animate in Procreate, but you are still not quite familiar with the functionality of this mighty app. And if you want to explore its functions, check out our article on clipping masks in Procreate. As an example of helpful tips, to speed up the process of creating frames, use the duplicate frame option

Also, you can begin with the last frame of your animation and work backwards creating the frames leading up to it.

And in addition to that, you can import videos and use them as references for your animation. You can record yourself moving with your iPad and then import that into Procreate for references.


Getting started with Procreate animation is easy, even if you’ve never made one before. Follow the above-mentioned steps to create a mini-animation in no time! We have explored the process of animation in Procreate and how you can benefit from it. As you can see, this process can be easy and effortless. 

For any animator, frames per second is a crucial point of focus. Procreate makes it easy for you to get the right speed by tapping a few simple buttons. Choosing the right speed can play a significant role when it comes to spotlighting in your animation.

When you become familiar with the app, animating in Procreate is a fascinating and rewarding experience. The app’s huge range of brushes allows you to experiment with texture in your animation – something you don’t get to enjoy in every animation software.

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