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How to Copy and Paste in Procreate?

Procreate has a diverse functionality that may be helpful in many different professional situations. 

At the same time, many artists, designers and other creators may find that the process of copying and pasting elements and layers can be difficult. The fact is that Procreate is a complex program with a lot of menus, functions and tools, and you don’t need to figure it out. Using our methods, you can make much less effort and make your work easier, as well as make the process of copying and pasting much more efficient.

So, if you are wondering how to copy and paste in Procreate, or how to duplicate in Procreate, don’t worry. Today, we will have a look at how to copy and paste different items in the app using different functions.

Copy and Paste Different Items Using Procreate Tools

In Procreate, the copy and selection algorithms are quite simple. The first and easiest way to copy and paste in the Procreate app is to swipe down on your iPad using three fingers and find the Copy & Paste menu. This menu allows you to quickly copy and paste items without being distracted by extra steps.

First of all, you need to select the layer that contains the objects you want, then use three fingers to swipe down on your iPad screen and select the option “copy” or “copy all” depending on the desired result. The “copy all” command will select whatever is on your canvas. Then select the Copy & Paste menu, and click paste. Select the layer where you want to paste these elements.

You Can Also Copy and Paste an Entire Layer Using the Duplicate Option

In this case, if you need to copy an entire layer, just select it and click “duplicate”. This is a simple way to insure you when you need to copy and paste a layer quickly. Another case where this option will be useful to you is when you need to make thicker lines or elements more saturated in the drawing.

The full procedure looks like this: open the layers panel and find the layer you need. With the layer selected, swipe left to be able to duplicate it. Click on this option, and copy and paste the layer.

An Easy Way to Copy and Paste a Layer Using Settings

To do this, you need to select the layer you want to copy and paste, open the Settings menu, select the Copy option, open the Actions menu, and click on the Add function in the menu. Click Paste and your elements will be pasted. If you have copied and pasted the layer, it will show up as an “Inserted Image” as a result.

You Can Also Copy and Paste a Single Element

In order to more accurately copy and paste a single element, you can use another method. Select the Selection tool resembling the letter S. With the Freehand option, select the element you are interested in using the Selection tool around it.

Then select the Copy & Paste option at the bottom. You can move the element around depending on the position you want, but remember to pay attention to the details so that you highlight exactly what you need and don’t crop the element or add too much. In this way, you can easily insert objects and not spend too much attention and effort on them.

To Sum It Up

So if you want to learn how to cut and paste in Procreate, remember that this procedure is not that difficult if you follow each step properly. You need to become familiar with the tools and features and make sure you know the details of how they work. Then, with practice, these processes will become much easier for you, because you will go through them many times and copy and paste objects much easier. And if you want to know how to draw in Procreate easy and efficiently, check this page.

The main thing you need to remember is: pay attention to the details, pay attention to the right elements and follow each step. Automated methods that help you can greatly simplify your work and make processes in Procreate much easier and more efficient. And if you practice it constantly, you will get used to it, and this task will become easy for you. If you are interested in improving your art, check out our collection of Procreate brushes.

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