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How to Curve Text in Procreate?

If you have problems with curving text in Procreate, we know several easy ways to do it effortlessly. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to get the desired result by using these helpful tools. 

Sometimes the curving text feature is very useful. First of all, the creators need to understand how to put it in a way to achieve the desired effect and the text looks neat and beautiful. At the same time, spending too much time and effort on it often turns out to be inefficient because creative tasks require concentration and various other complex processes. Therefore, if you want to know how to curve text in Procreate quickly and easily, we will help you. You will be able to curve text in Procreate and achieve good results.

Let’s have a look at different techniques as we will explain to you a simple procedure that will help curve words on Procreate easily and quickly.

Curve Text in Procreate with the Liquify Tool

One easy way to curve or wrap text in Procreate is with the liquify tool. It will help you to achieve the result quite simply. First of all, make sure all layers containing text are selected. Then, from the Adjustments menu, select the Liquify function. Then select the Push function.

Select your text and pull the ends down and then push the middle of the text up. Do this until you see the result you want. you can also curve your text with the help of the push tool. Let’s have a look at how to do it.

How to Make Text Arch in Word in Procreate with the Push Tool

The push tool will help you achieve the desired curved text effect even faster and curve letters in an easy way. The push tool within liquify tool helps you to work with text even faster and more efficiently. Draw a box and push it around your text. This way you can curve your text much easier. The push tool works on multiple layers at once, so you don’t even have to merge all the text layers into one.

Curve Text in Procreate with the Warp Tool

With warp tool, you can curve text easily, quickly and effortlessly. This tool allows you to make this process quite simple and not compromise on the quality of the result. You can also use the warp tool to help you deal with the task effectively. First, make sure that all the layers that will contain the text are selected so that you can work with them. Then on the Transform tool tab click on the Warp tool and drag the ends of your text down and push the middle of it up. Follow these steps until you get the desired effect.

The main steps you will need to go through are:

1. Select all layers containing text and select them.

2. Choose the Transform tool on the top toolbar.

3. Select the Warp option.

This way, you will be able to get the desired effect quickly and easily. Just make sure you pay attention to each step.

To Sum It Up

By itself, the Warp tool is similar to the Liquify tool. Moreover, it gives you more freedom in movements, and, accordingly, allows you to achieve a more accurate result with simple manipulations. The abundance of details and the ability to better control the text make Warp more complex and more suitable in cases where detailed work is needed.

You can also curve text that you write by hand, however, you will need a circular guide for this. Align your hand-drawn text, then use a quick shape or circle stamp. For what you want, you will need to make sure that the text and the circle are on different layers.

You can curve letters in Procreate much easier if you know how to do it quickly. Then when it comes into practice, you will no longer spend so much effort. Automated and well-organized processes help a lot in creative practice. Also, for those who want to learn how to draw in Procreate so that your drawings come out really unique and impress everyone with their quality, we have the right educational materials.

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