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How to Delete Layers in Procreate

The ability to work with layers and other technical elements of Procreate is an important part of the work of a creator, both a designer and an artist. Even if you feel overwhelmed by the functionality of Procreate, don’t worry – all of the functions are completely comfortable for artists and are designed to meet their demands. You need to know how to manage layers to create truly professional work quickly and easily. 

Now the functionality of Procreate makes the task of artists easier than ever – in order to engage your imagination, you no longer need to learn the software yourself for a long time. And even if you face a difficult creative task, you can remove all unnecessary and immerse yourself in art with renewed vigor. And it’s all thanks to Procreate features.

In this article, we will guide you through the process of deleting layers in Procreate and will show some easy steps that will allow you to make this procedure effortless and increase your creativity. Let’s have a look at how you can easily delete a layer, a group of layers, or even the whole image.

Easy Steps that Will Allow You to Delete a Layer in Procreate

If you want to delete a layer, the procedure is quite simple, but you will need to pay attention to the elements you want to remove and make sure you choose the right layer, as you may accidentally delete some elements or objects you would like to keep on your artwork.

Also, make sure your layer includes all the elements you would like to delete. Simply follow the steps mentioned below, and you will learn to delete layers easily. 

Deleting Different Elements in Simple Steps

To delete a layer, first of all, you need to select the desired layer and swipe left and then click on the Delete button. This is the easiest way to remove layers that will assist you in your creative practice. Another option is to delete through the settings of the layer itself. Raise the individual layer settings, and clear them. And finally, to delete the entire image, select it in the Gallery and click the Delete option.

There is an option for deleting just one layer with objects or deleting the entire image or artwork. Even if you want to remove everything from the canvas, and start over, you will be able to do so, and everything will be tidy for your next artwork. There is also an option that will allow you to delete a group in Procreate, so you won’t have to deal with details in a layer group. Also, if you want to use Procreate to delete multiple layers, one by one, select all the layers that you consider unnecessary, and repeat the algorithm that you use for one.

To Sum It Up

As you can see, removing layers in Procreate is a simple task. Although you’ll need to figure out the steps first, and then the procedure will become easier, don’t worry, Procreate makes the process of creating artwork quite simple due to the fact that it has many automated functions.

Therefore, your next work will not become messy – you can delete everything unnecessary at any time and start again. Even if inspiration catches you in the process and you want to start the whole picture again – clear the canvas because it is waiting for you to express all your ideas and does not limit you in anything. With simple actions, you can adjust what exactly your work contains so that it is exactly the way you want it to be.

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