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How To Do Symmetry on Procreate

Symmetry is powerful not only in art, but also in commercial projects. It also improves the efficiency of your artistic practice. Symmetry features in the Зrocreate app are a powerful tool for many purposes. Among other things, you can use these features to improve mirroring and cohesiveness in your art. Symmetry features are not difficult to master, but they add artistic possibilities and are able to fully transform your artwork by adding details. This will also be very helpful for commercial designs.

Symmetry Can Help Your Drawings, Paintings, and Commercial Designs

You can not only use symmetry, but also modify symmetrical visuals, thereby making them even brighter, more expressive, and more detailed. In this article, we will understand the mirroring process in Procreate, and what features you can use in which processes. You can easily and effectively use them in your work.

How to Turn on the Symmetry Feature and Create Symmetry In Procreate?

Have you been wondering how to mirror Procreate quickly and easily to create expressive visuals? Procreate has simple ways for artists that will allow for effortless mirroring. One of them is the symmetry feature. Let’s explore how the Procreate symmetry tool works, and how you can easily use symmetry on Procreate.

To draw symmetry in Procreate, select the actions tab and select the canvas option. Then click on the edit drawing guide button. Then select the symmetry option on the right and choose the kind of symmetry you want. Procreate lets you create vertical, horizontal, quadrant, and even radial symmetry.

How to Modify Your Symmetrical Images in Procreate In Simple Steps?

With sliders, you can also change the opacity and thickness of your symmetrical lines. In this way, you can achieve much more detail, as well as give the precision of your drawing and almost perfect symmetry. Also, you can adjust the color of your symmetry line. Use the color slider above for this. There is also a Rotational Symmetry option.

Set up all the necessary adjustments and start drawing. The functionality of Procreate will allow you to make the symmetry almost technically perfect, easily changing and improving its various aspects.

The Importance of Symmetry Features

In addition to some obvious advantages, such as the ability to create identical objects and achieve symmetry that cannot be achieved by freehand drawing, symmetry features have a number of other advantages.

You can create realistic images of buildings, human faces, and other objects. Even if your chosen drawing or commercial design requires detailing, you don’t have to worry because Procreate helps artists and creators by providing the best opportunities for symmetry and mirroring.

One of the important but underestimated benefits of symmetry features is that it saves a lot of time and effort. You will not need to spend hours and days to draw the other half of the face absolutely symmetrical, use the Procreate functionality and save your energy!

To Sum It Up

Theoretical knowledge allows you to draw, paint and create simply, quickly, and easily. Trust the versatile functionality of Procreate for creating unique and fascinating artwork, as even simple steps will lead to great results. We make special tutorials on how to use different Procreate adjustments and tools, and how they can help you.

And if you need some more knowledge, check out our tutorial on how to duplicate in Procreate quickly and efficiently. Also, check out our Procreate brushes that allow for better artistic practice without any limits.

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