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How to Draw in Procreate

Procreate has a lot of advantages and can greatly expand your creative possibilities if you are a designer or an artist. Procreate tools and brushes that are powerful enough to transform your art. Now, when technologies do not stand still, you can achieve truly amazing results. However, many are wondering: how to draw in the application is really correct, and how to achieve technical improvement in your work? 

We’ll guide you through the different processes that make up drawing in Procreate and how to fine-tune this technique for your future projects.

How to Draw in Procreate Quickly and Easily?

In any work, everything starts with a concept. You need to understand what idea you would like to visualize and what your drawing should look like. Sometimes artists need the inspiration to imagine the work as it will be in the end. Decide on the composition and the instruments that you will use.

It is also important to understand what your process will be and where you want to start. Then just move towards the intended goal and use the various tools and wide functionality of Procreate. Since you also need to be good with brushes to get good results in Procreate, choose the ones you need and don’t compromise.

Drawing on Procreate in Simple Steps: How to Improve Your Procreate Drawing Skills

If you want to learn to draw on Procreate and polish your skills, here are some ideas that will allow you to become better at it. Firstly, you need to be familiar with adjustments that are perfect for beginner Procreate artists. Learn how to use Hue, Saturation, and Brightness, to modify your existing drawings. By using these tools, you will be able to adjust your colors and shades and will be able to draw effortlessly.

Another important aspect is to learn how to use Curves. This tool allows you to modify the tone and colors of your artwork. Learn how to use Curves and you will be able to use this detailed approach to modifications. And, finally, Gradient Maps are perfect for adding complexity, as they will help you modify colors presented to your artwork in a detailed and sophisticated way. 

Also, brushes are an additional, but essential, aspect of Procreate that you need to be familiar with. Brushes are absolutely versatile when it comes to lines and forms, and by using them, you are only limited by your imagination. Use the power of brushes to unleash your creativity and create artworks that will exceed all expectations. Master these powerful tools for improved style and amazing artwork.

To Sum It Up

Drawing is not only the use of imagination, the embodiment of ideas and creativity. How you master the technique depends on whether you go further in the drawing or not. In addition, good technique saves you time and makes drawing easier. With Procreate tools, you can adjust colors, shades, shapes, lines, and even gradients. And you can do it in seconds, using the versatile functionality of Procreate.

Fortunately, Procreate presents every opportunity to become a pro: you have tools, adjustments, and advanced functionality, so you only need to learn different steps of drawing and painting to become great at art. Don’t stop on your way, because now there are so many opportunities for aspiring artists and designers, both technical and creative, and you can draw, improve, create something completely new, and push your limits. Take this chance, learn the different Procreate tools, and become a real artist.

Also, if you are interested to know how to blend in Procreate, we have created a special tutorial that will help you become better at it, and for better artwork, check out our Procreate brushes that are perfect for beginner creators.

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