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How to Import Swatches to Procreate

As an artist or designer, the more Procreate functions you know, the better. Let’s have a look at how to import Procreate color swatches to make your work easier and more fun.

Many artists are aware of how technical knowledge can make your job easier. Instead of long and tedious hours spent on artwork, you can easily and quickly complete a project, guided only by inspiration. 

Procreate is not at all difficult to master even for newbie artists, so don’t be afraid of the technical part and get down to business as soon as possible. With this app, you can create color swatches and import them in just a few clicks!

How to Import Swatches to Procreate: a Guide

Color swatches are an amazing way to organize and keep track of colors. Sometimes it’s easier to use swatches in your artwork instead of looking up colors by hex codes, but if you’ve ever downloaded a swatch file, you may have wondered how to import it into Procreate. 

Fortunately, doing just that is fairly simple and easy!

To import Procreate swatches, you need to follow the algorithm we will mention below. To do this, you will need to use the Drag and Drop method. So, let’s get started:

Step 1. First, open the swatch files folder location and open the Procreate menu in Split View.

Step 2. Create a new artwork or open an existing one.

Step 3. Open the Colors menu at the upper right corner.

Step 4. Choose the Palettes option, and drag and drop your swatch file. Where there is a space where you can drop files, a ‘+’ sign will emerge. Now your file is among the other swatches. 

As the functionality of Procreate is quite simple and intuitive, you will need to remember this algorithm and you will be able to use it anytime.

You Can Add a Swatch to Procreate with Just an iPad

Procreate makes it easy to install your own swatch palettes. Here are step-by-step instructions. 

First, make sure your iPad is up-to-date at iPadOS 15.5 or higher. Then click here to download the file directly on your iPad. Click the download icon and click the finder icon next to the file name.

Then, a window with your file will open and you may need to unzip them if the files came as a zip. file, but then, in any case, you will need to locate the .swatches file. Click on it, and your brushes will be located in the Palettes Panel under the Color Picker. Good job!


Drawing on Procreate can give you a range of possibilities. Fortunately, importing brushes  in Procreate is an effortless procedure that only takes minutes thanks to the app’s intuitive design. And best of all, it requires no third-party applications. Keep in mind that these steps will work with any file type supported by Procreate, not just the one shown here. Also, check out our Procreate brushes and expand your limits as an artist.

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