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How to Install a Procreate Font?

The process of installation may be challenging when it comes to fonts in Procreate. You need to make sure everything goes well in order for the fonts to work properly. But don’t worry. If you are wondering how to add fonts to Procreate quickly and easily, we’ve got you covered. Here is an algorithm that will help you install a new font in Procreate quickly and easily.

Procedure for Installing a New Font in Procreate

Before installing the font, you should make sure that your iPad device is up to date and has iPadOS 13.1 or higher. If everything is well, then there should be no problems with the process of installation. After that, you can download a font for Procreate. Open a browser and, on the checkout page, click save. Then go to the file download page. in the pop-up window. you will again need to click on the save file button, and wait for the download.

The next step is to open the finder icon corresponding to the font file, open the downloads window, and click the .zip file. Then unzip the file and open the Procreate app.

In the program, open the Actions menu, click on Add, and finally Add text. After typing the text, click Edit Style. Then, import the font to Procreate by locating the Procreate fonts in your iPad’s Downloads Folder. Find the font you want and install it in Procreate. Everything is ready! 

So, by following this simple procedure, you will be able to install new fonts quickly and easily, and will save time for your own goals. Installing fonts is a faster process when you practice it often. Also, you can become much better in your art practice if you have high-quality and effective brushes. For those artists and designers that are interested in polishing their Procreate art, we have a selection of amazing Procreate brushes for better results.

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