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Procreate Hair Brushes: How To Use Them

Improving your painting is fun when you know how to do it easily and effortlessly. Then, playing with tools and adding elements to your drawings will be a fascinating process that will result in vivid, bold, realistic hair. However, there are technical means that are mandatory in this process.

If you need to draw hair and achieve a truly worthwhile effect, and you don’t know how to do it, we’ve got you covered. We will teach you how to use brushes for Procreate and how to do it in such a way that the hair pattern is realistic, high quality, and exceeds all your expectations. 

Let’s have a look at some Procreate hair tutorials that will help you use brushes easily and effectively.

Hair Brushes to Add Your Hair Paintings a Realistic Touch

Drawing in Procreate is not only about technique and imagination. There are always a lot of tools in the artist’s arsenal, and you need to know how to use them in order to achieve a really worthwhile result.

Professional brushes are a great way to give your drawings a lot more fun expression without having to spend hours and hours on the details. They are created considering all the stages of painting, and can cover your various needs in this process. Trust high-quality tools for more automated, productive work. By setting your drawing goals and using these powerful tools, you’ll achieve preciseness, expressiveness, and much more productivity.

How to Draw Hair in Procreate Using Special Procreate Hair Brushes

Since there are so many kinds of hair that you can draw and they will need different brushes, choose wisely. Choose more detailed brushes for mesa and short hair, and less complex ones for long and smooth texture, and experiment. 

As many artists have similar problems when painting hair – it is the consideration of details and the need to achieve a realistic look, using the right brushes and knowing how to achieve the result in the technical sense, you will definitely cope with the difficulties. As now, there is a variety of brushes for different purposes, you will not be limited in tools.

Easy Techniques for Realistic Hair in Procreate

Procreate brushes are suitable for different hair types – from curly locks to straight hair, and they are customizable, which will allow you to enhance the effect you can achieve. First, you will need to define what hair type you want to recreate, and what brushes you will use to draw it.

Also, you can experiment with brushes as you never know which tool will allow you to achieve the desired result. If you want to draw curly hair, and you want it to look completely wild and fascinating, you may try using softer brushes to add a dreamy touch to your curls. And by customizing the brushes you work with, you have more control over the lines and the whole drawing and are able to improve it at any point.

To Sum It Up

Drawing realistic hair can be fun and productive. First, you need to visualize the result you are aiming for and understand what you want the hair in your drawing to be and how you can achieve the result. Then – feel free to draw, add shading and volume, try different colors, and draw inspiration from other artists and designers. 

So do not limit yourself to trying different creative approaches, and after a while, the hair that you draw will be expressive and just the way you wanted. Also, if you are wondering how to perfect your coloring and how to blend on Procreate for more vibrant shades, check out our article on Procreate blending. And don’t hesitate to use our Procreate hair brushes – they are great for ambitious artists who want their hair paintings to look like masterpieces.

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