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Use This Free Procreate Fur Texture Brushes Set and Add Fascinating Details to Your Online Art

With our free Procreate animal fur brushes, you can easily add aesthetic details to drawings of various styles and techniques. Improve existing designs or create something completely new. Fur is a great subject for adding realism to your paintings, and you can play with this material masterly with the ready-made pack of brushes. Make your designs aesthetic like never before and discover new techniques. Our assets will help you do this.

Realistic Fur Brushes for Expressive Digital Art

If you need to convey a complex texture of fur and need the technical means to do it, try our brushes. With them, the fur in your drawings will become more realistic, expressive, and complex. For artists, ready-made brushes for depicting different objects are an indispensable tool in improving the technique. With these brushes, you will also improve your coloring and create new fur patterns. If you’re interested in creating intricate tattoo designs and want to try yourself in this technique, check out our free Procreate tattoo brushes.