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Comic Book Brushes Set for Procreate for Your Designs and Colorful Art

Whether you’re creating colorful comics or comic-inspired digital art, we’ve got the right set of brushes to help you create your art. By adding comic book elements to your drawings, you can transform them and add technical prowess. Paint, draw, sketch, practice your coloring, and create the designs you like with the help of our vintage comic brushes for Procreate. You can also combine them with patterns to create unique effects.

Bring Colorful Comics into Your Online Art

A rich, detailed comic full of lines and colors – why not bring it to life on your iPad? Now you are not limited in your creativity and can embody it in an online format. If you are a professional designer, these brushes will help you in this work. Just download Procreate comic brushes, add new interesting details and create a comic from a simple drawing. Specialized brushes are a great opportunity to touch the art of comics. Also, check out our pack of Procreate Graffiti brushes for creating the designs you love.