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Fur Texture Brushes for Procreate to Add Realistic Details to Your Online Art and Designs

Fur brushes for Procreate are your best assistant in creating vivid, aesthetically pleasing depictions of fur. Painting fur is not easy, and we’ve got you covered with the technical part.  Let our high-quality, professional assets support you on your artistic journey and assist you in enhancing your practice and improving your details. Create fascinating, unique images of animals and add new effects and patterns for better results.

With Our Fur Brushes, Perfect Your Own Distinctive Style

Procreate animal fur brushes will allow you to master digital painting of animal characters and perfect every detail, from coloring to lines. Create bold, detailed images and find your style. Don’t settle for less, go bold and achieve ambitious goals. Bring all your ideas to life with our brush pack. Also, take a look at our set of Procreate tattoo brushes if you are an artist interested in perfecting your tattoo technique.