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Procreate Hair Texture Brushes for Unique and Expressive Character Art

Have you ever felt your character paintings lack realistic depictions of hair with different textures and detail? We’ve got a solution. Our hair brushes for Procreate will allow you to paint rich, colorful hair, with different textures and shades involved. Download Procreate hair brushes, explore new patterns, add coloring and shading, and make your characters stand out with these specialized, unique painting supplies.

Hair Brushes for Procreate Will Make Your Character Designs Look Polished

With the help of our set of brushes, you will be able to imitate the shapes and shades of different hair, experiment, and add your unique details. Your imagination will not be limited to certain options, and you will be able to try your hand at various styles and techniques online. Also, you may be interested in our pack of Procreate paint brushes for improving your digital painting technique.